Baby massage classes in Cheshire

Six weeks of soothing, Relaxing and settling your new baby through baby massage classes in Cheshire

Soothe Settle and sleep baby massage

Newborns require food to survive and touch to thrive. The Baby & You massage course in Cheshire teaches you how to safely Massage your baby, across a relaxing 6 week course.  Soothe, settle, love and bond. Touch is the sense that new babies thrive off and they need this just as much as food. Through practicing baby massage together you will Nurture, Soothe, relax and settle.
All whilst creating strong attachments, learning what your unique baby needs and forming positive neural connections about the world they live in.

The Baby Massage class

Each Baby massage class in Cheshire focuses on a particular massage to support our weekly topic.

Following the massage there is a chance to relax and chat, make your new mum friends

Week 1 legs, to relax tense muscles & introduce baby to touch through massage
Week 2, Digestive massage to support colic, wind and constipation including miracle holds
 Week 3, chest arms, a relaxing session to read babies facial cues, relax muscles, and release lots of oxytocin
 Week 4, back massage and the importance of tummy time as a daily activity
 Week 5, Reflexology, to support the whole body, teething and a sleep workshop
Week 6,  an introduction to baby yoga & Pause therapeutic mindfulness mum & baby course 

A group of new mums and babies in a baby massage class with Baby and you

‘Having trained in baby massage back in 2012 I have never looked back. It is easy to say I consider my baby massage courses, my flag ship courses.  I love teaching these and so passionate about sharing the many benefits. So if you are looking for a new baby massage class in Cheshire I provide group classes and 1-1 sessions. You can even privately book me for your ante-natal group!’

Katie founder of Baby & You

Learn how to massage baby safely

Baby massage classes in cheshire are designed to relax

Does your baby suffer with wind or colic? 

You can Soothe your baby through skin to skin touch and gentle massage strokes.

Tummy massage helps with uncomfortable wind and colic. When you use baby massage on the tummy area it supports and strengthens  the digestive system in a natural way. 

Baby massage classes and a sleep workshop

Included in the course is a mini sleep workshop .

As a local holistic sleep consultant I know how often this subject is talked about, and how hard it is. The confusion on what is normal, or the right thing to do with your baby.

As a result I have now added this as part of your course. This means you can begin to create the right environment for sleep and without ever having to leave your baby to cry!

Baby massage E-Course

Sometimes it is hard to remember everything learnt in class. For this reason, I have made everything available online for you to re-watch once home.  Valued at £35!
Access will be available online for 2 months once your course begins.
This means ,You and your baby can enjoy massage together in the comfort of your own home, at any time that suits you both!

Book a private postnatal group of Mums & Dad’s together

Book a private family session in your own home