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The Wonders of sharing Baby Massage

Why Baby Massage

Baby massage has long been practiced in cultures across the world, Increased studies have revealed just how amazing baby massage is. From the very moment your baby is born, they crave touch, it is the sense that teaches them about the world around them. Massage can heal, relax and soothe your baby, in fact the more you massage the more benefits you will see!

I trained in baby massage back in 2012 and I have never looked back. I consider my baby massage courses, my flag ship courses.  So if you are looking for a new baby class in Cheshire I provide group classes and 1-1 sessions. You can even privately book me for your ante-natal group!

Over the years I have read, learned, trained, re-trained and developed the most wonderful sessions, In the Macclesfield area of Cheshire, for you and your baby. 
Here you will nurture, soothe, settle, love and bond. 
Touch is the one sense that new babies thrive off, they need this just as much as food. 
Nurturing, creating strong attachments and connections is at the very heart of what I stand for.
I have so much knowledge and love for theses classes I want to share it with every new Mum, Dad, Auntie, Uncle , Grandma, Grandad’s (pretty much anyone who will listen )

Benefits to Baby

Sessions held in small groups to encourage new friendships

So Many benefits, it’s difficult to know where to start! 

Physically, massage will help to strengthen  a babies immature digestive system, by massaging the tummy you will help remove trapped gas or anything that is struggling to come out! And by massaging a particular area regularly you are sending blood flow to the site for repair. Muscle tone is improved and by massaging muscle areas you will help to relax the body. 

Massage is an immune boosting, relaxing, toning, bonding, pain relieving colic settling , brain building miracle of an activity!! 

I did both baby massage and then baby yoga with Katie pre lockdown. Katie was the most friendly and welcoming lady you could ask for taking time to get to know everyone and their baby in each class. I’d definitely recommend.

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What are the benefits for Mummy

mum and baby classes in cheshire

group classes to support mum and baby wellbeing

Baby massage is something you share with your baby! 

Studies have shown maternal and baby massage can reduce incidences of PND (we now know that this is also the case for many Dad’s too)

It encourages the release of the love hormone oxytocin which helps us to bond and fall in love; this is also the wonder hormone for breastfeeding.

The closeness of baby massage helps you pause, and watch your baby for their subtle unique and individual cues.

Group classes are a great way to form Mum friendships, and with our discussion times, just chatting with other new mums is a huge support when you are all going through these brand new thoughts, feelings, emotions and challenges of new parenthood

 And of course chocolate! 


baby massage class in cheshire

group sessions for mum’s and babies


These classes are taught by myself, and I have a huge passion for these classes. 
I also study a lot around the science of newborns and why they behave the way they do, you will have my complete support and I am always happy to share and answer any questions you may have, whether on sleep, colic, how best to settle baby etc I am happy to help.

You can begin baby massage from birth, newborn babies will benefit from your touch right from the word go, however a baby 1-8 weeks will enjoy a much gentler touch session, you could consider my newborn Nurture course first. You are welcome to attend the classes up to crawling stage.

Partners often benefit hugely from sharing baby massage with their babies and I always welcome partners to the session if space allows. It is important to note, that many new mums feel conscious about feeding, and being open in front of other male partners. I would therefore ask you to mention to me you would like to do this first, so I can ask the others in the group. I also offer 1-1s and would be over the moon to teach Daddy the art of baby massage, whilst Mummy has a well deserved break

Nothing! well, please remember baby! I will provide you with towels, oils, chocolate, drinks and a nurturing space.

The courses are over 5 weeks and the sessions last for around an hour each.

That is perfectly ok, babies cry for all manner of reasons and a fantastic way to learn your babies individual communication cues. My classes are baby led, which means you can stop and start by going at your own babies pace.

Yes…I promote responsive parenting, which includes feeding whenever your babies need it. Don’t worry as you’ll be given all the handouts to practice what you have learnt at home too

You will get my expertise and learn all the skills to soothe settle, connect with your baby. Organic baby massage oil from Neals Yard, Handouts to support your learning and of course a treat from my tin of chocolates.