Relaxed baby being massaged

soothe settle and sleep Baby massage in cheshire

The Baby & you massage course in cheshire teaches you how to safely Massage your baby, over 6 weeks.

 Soothe, settle, love and bond.

Touch is the sense that new babies thrive off and they need this just as much as food. Through practicing baby massage you will Nurture, create strong attachments and form positive neural connections about the world they live in.

 Each session focuses on a particular massage to support our weekly topic.

Following the massage there is a chance to relax and chat

  •  1 legs, to relax tense muscles & introduce baby to touch through massage
  •  2, Digestive massage to support colic, wind and constipation
  •  3, chest arms, a relaxing session to read babies facial cues, relax muscles, and release lots of oxytocin
  •  4, back massage and the importance of tummy time as a daily activity
  •  5,reflexology, to support the whole body, teething and a sleep workshop
  •  6,  an introduction to baby yoga&







Baby massage for wind

You can Soothe your baby through skin to skin touch and gentle massage strokes.
Tummy massage to help with uncomfortable wind and colic, this supporters the digestive system in a natural way
Reflexology helps painful teething symptoms and aids relaxation of the whole body

 Massage encourages the release of the love hormone oxytocin which helps us to bond and fall in love; this is also the wonder hormone for breastfeeding.

Baby Massages for Relaxation

Attending Baby massage course in Cheshire will help your Baby to Settle through loving touch massage Plus learn a few miracle holds for those unsettled times.
Your baby will be more relaxed after a baby massage session and sleep will be improved
 Furthermore, The closeness of baby massage helps you to pause, and watch your baby for their subtle unique and individual cues.












Baby sleep help

Included in the course is a mini sleep workshop .

As a local holistic sleep consultant I know how often this subject is talked about, and how hard it is. The confusion on what is normal, or the right thing to do with your baby.

As a result I have now added this as part of your course. This means you can begin to create the right environment for sleep and without ever having to leave your baby to cry!

Online Baby massage course

Sometimes it is hard to remember everything learnt in class. For this reason, I have made everything available online for you to re-watch once home.
access will be available online for 2 months once your course begins.
This means ,You and your baby can enjoy massage together in the comfort of your own home, at any time that suits you both!







Baby Reflexology to ease teething, calm colic and relax for sleep


What are the benefits of Baby massage

So Many benefits, it’s difficult to know where to start! 

Physically, massage will help to strengthen a babies immature digestive system. By massaging  a babies tummy you will help remove trapped gas or anything else struggling to come out! 

When you massage a particular area regularly you send messages to the brain to direct blood flow to the site for repair. 

Baby massage is relaxing

Muscle tone is improved by massaging the large muscle groups.

 Baby massage will help to relax the baby, in turn she will be happier ,relaxed and more settled.

Baby Massage is an immune boosting, relaxing, toning, bonding, pain relieving colic settling , brain building miracle of an activity!!  


Your Baby massage course in Cheshire will be led by me, Katie. 

I live locally in Macclesfield Cheshire, with my son Seb, my side kick, inspiration and motivation!! Dog mum to Alfie, who is most definitely my calming influence.

I trained in baby massage back in 2012 and I have never looked back. I consider my baby massage courses,(now soothe settle and sleep) my flag ship courses.  

So if you are looking for a new baby Massage course in Cheshire, serving Wilmslow, Macclesfield,  Bollington , Prestbury and surrounds. These six week courses are perfect!  1-1 sessions are available and you can even privately book me for you and a group of friends or ante-natal group!

Over the years I have read, learned, trained, re-trained and developed the most wonderful sessions, In the Macclesfield area of Cheshire, for you and your baby. I am always trying to provide the best experience for new mums.
Finally, with me, you will nurture, soothe, settle, love bond and relax with your baby.
Nurturing, creating strong attachments and connections is at the very heart of what I stand for, and I am very passionate about everyone learning the joy of baby massage!


Each Mum will be gifted with a wellbeing pack, to create a moment of self care, and take a well deserved rest.  

A Neals Yard Organic massage oil is also included.

Happy Mums

I absolutely loved baby massage with Katie. This was my first class as a first time mum, and by far my favourite. Georgie suffered with silent reflux and colic, and this class helped her so much! I still massage her now (twelve months on) and I can’t wait to return when I have another baby! Thank you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable 🙂 xxx
Emma Coborn

I did both baby massage and then baby yoga with Katie pre lockdown. Katie was the most friendly and welcoming lady you could ask for taking time to get to know everyone and their baby in each class. I’d definitely recommend. Helen Class

Adore these classes – such a lovely environment and a great way to bond with baby. Katie is lovely and very knowledge. I highly recommend … you even get chocolate each week ! 💖😊

Chloe Grey

Private baby massage sessions

If you would prefer a 1-1 session with me in the comfort of your own home, choose a date from the above to book a private session or contact me via email on 

Soothe, settle and sleep, baby massage at home 

Struggle to leave the house, or to book a class that suits your schedule? 

Please don’t miss the opportunity to support your new baby through massage! I have made it easy for you to learn everything you would in a class, by having every massage section online, via videos, and pdf support. Plus you will have access for 6 months you can enjoy the special moments together. 

I will even send you out your wellbeing pack and baby massage oil gift box through the post. 

(You could even gift to a new mummy friend or family member about to embark on parenthood)