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How Baby Massage Can Benefit Your Baby

When you massage your baby you teach them they are loved

Baby massage has many benefits

Baby massage has been shared by many cultures passing down the traditions through generations. But why is is so popular? 

Its not hard to see, through the many pictures I have shared over the years, just how much the mums and babies love this special time together. 

Baby massage creates a moment of stillness, a moment of connection and love. 


This is huge inside our busy lives and world. It teaches us and our babies that it is ok to slow down, to connect, to attune and to fall in love so deeply with one another. 

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How Baby massage benefits your baby through touch

Touch is your babies language. Before they understand your words, they understand touch, how it makes them feel, the emotional regulation it provides, and this builds the very foundations to attachment and emotional intelligence. 

When you touch your babies in a loving and gentle way you teach them that they are loved. This builds secure and lifelong attachments.

When your babies emotional needs have been met, it gives room for their physical growth to develop.  

Physically how can baby massage benefit your baby

Alongside the emotional benefits of baby massage there are many physical benefits. Most families sign up to a massage class because their little one suffers from wind or constipation. Baby massage offers a great hands on tool to ease the symptoms of wind, colic and constipation. I have had many poo explosions in class where baby has not gone for several days, then the magic hands of mummy offers a release. Because the act of touch eases tense muscles, it helps the tummy muscles so baby can relax enough to poo, and release painful wind.
Baby massage also enables the babies to relax any tension inside their body and this takes them out of the fight or flight response and into the rest and digest response. Immediately your baby will relax, sleep and feed better.

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