Toddler yoga at Gawsworth

Baby & You toddler yoga and developmental Play sessions

Thank you for joining our toddler sessions in Gawsworth!

Tips to help you get the most from the sessions

I’m really excited for you to join us.
These sessions have been designed with your developing toddler in mind. Having completed both toddler yoga training and developmental play training, I combined both of these to make a unique experience for parents and children.
Each session will have elements that support your child’s growing sensory system.
I  encourage the adult who is sharing the experience with the children to totally immerse yourself in the play together. This will help your child grow in confidence, and give you ways and ideas to support their play at home and grow their strengths, don’t worry there will be an opportunity for adult time and chat during the refreshment break, and because I have provided time for you,  I ask for you to try and keep any chatting to this part of the session, as this will allow me to teach effectively and for the children to have minimal distraction.

A week by week preview

Week 1 circus week
Week 2 going on a bear hunt
Week 3 space theme
Week 4 birthday party
Week 5 going to the zoo/dear zoo
Week 6 going to the beach 
Week 7 making pizza
Week 8 super heroes
Week 9 the 3 little pigs
Week 10 sports day
Week 11 pirate adventure
Week 12 jungle safari

There will be yoga based story and play around these themes. The children can get excited before each session by reading books, dressing up and having opportunities to explore each theme. 

There will be weeks where some play may be messy, so do come prepared! 

Covid policy

Unfortunately we still have to maintain our COVID-19 policy so please ensure you read the following. 

Masks to be worn until you are in your seated area, you are then welcome to remove whilst you are sitting. 

On entering the building, please remove coats, and shoes and place them in the entrance area, it is safe to leave bags here too. 

Please sign in and use the hand sanitiser provided

Mats have been placed with a safe distance apart, please be mindful that in order for you to hear the session to minimise chat, as raised voices increase aerosols within the atmosphere. 

Adult exercise has not yet been granted permission to resume indoors, so for the time being we will be concentrating on the little ones (although they do love to copy what their parents do, so you will be encouraged to participate along side your children) 

Please ensure you take with you any littler and dispose of it safely. 

You will, for the time being have your own, unshared materials, this is for yours and others safety. 

At present, adults are allowed to take a test 2x per week and to support my groups i will take a test each Wednesday morning (the start of my teaching week) to ensure you are safe with me teaching. 

If you are participating in taking the tests, I would love to know, as the more of us do, the free’er we can be moving around and ultimately engage in more exciting activities. 

Please inform me of any symptoms, and or a positive test within 48 hours of attending your session. Any positive tests will mean class will stop for a period of 2 weeks. 

If you or your child feels un well before the class please stay at home. You have an allowance of up to 2 missed sessions per 6 weeks. 

Thank-you for your continued support. 

If you have fun at these sessions, please spread the word!

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Baby & You toddler yoga
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