Sleep coaching specialist

Cheshire Baby Sleep Coaching Specialist

Katie is a Cheshire Based Sleep Coaching Specialist who is passionate about supporting families with young children. She loves nothing more than witnessing the transformation from tired, stressed, frustrated and anxious to happy, thriving and loving family life. 

My story, and why I became a Cheshire Baby, sleep Coaching Specialist.

Way back, as far as i can remember, I always wanted to work with children and I did for many years as a nanny based both here and in the states. 

By far, My Greatest Challenge in life Came When I Welcomed My Son Into The World In 2017. He Was Perfect In All Ways, However I Still Had To Navigate All The Ups And Downs That Came From Having This newborn In My Arms. Some Days I Struggled To Put Him Down, Some Days He Seemed To Sleep Too Much, Then Not Enough..


Nothing Prepares you with Just How Much Guilt Coupled With Hormonal Emotions, Coupled With Sleep Deprivation And The Overwhelming Feeling Of Joy That Comes From Being A New Mum.

This was something I felt and why I developed my newborn support programmes

Katie holding her newborn baby

Becoming a Cheshire Baby Sleep coaching Specialist

In April  2018 I after much research I took the HSCP course taught by internationally renowned Lyndsey Hookway  and many other child experts such as Amy Brown (professor of child public health) I am now a fully certified holistic sleep coach through the most comprehensive and holistic sleep school.

My sleep consulting style is responsive, realistic and nurturing. 

I do not use cry methods, nor suggest non responsive methods. 


Katie Raybould and her newborn son

Holistic approach to baby sleep coaching

 Educated on numerous methods that support families to get more sleep. I look at sleep holistically and address all elements in a child’s day-to-day life that may be preventing him or her from sleeping well. Alongside my knowledge of sleep biology, I integrate all my plans with further studies I have taken over the years.

These include

Diploma in developmental play, Baby massage accredited certification Newborn nurture accredited support in attachment during the first 1001 days.  My aim is to be sensitive to both the caregiver and the child during the sleep work process.

 I’m here not only to help you and your loved ones get better sleep, but also to let you know you are not alone! Part therapist/part sleep consultant, I will work with you for a healthier, happier, well-rested family.

My Sleep Philosophy as baby sleep coaching specialist

My vision is to support families in a non judgemental way and to promote sleep as a biological and normal body function.  I will optimise sleep to the best of the child’s ability according to age and development. 

I promote respectful and responsive Parenting that supports the whole families emotional wellbeing and provide strategies to compliment and enhance the needs of the child. 

No Tears just love™️

My Approach to sleep coaching

Many clients review my work to be friendly, non judgemental, effective and above all respectful. 

I want all my families to feel listened to and heard. This is vital when choosing how to move forward with a sleep plan. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to sleep coaching. 

I have strong beliefs when it comes to nurturing and being respectful of infant attachment, i therefore would not ever suggest or advocate to cry methods of sleep training. 

I am also very realistic, and know how hard sleep deprivation can be. You deserve your life back and I know that there is a way to improve your quality of life through my ‘no tears just love™️’ formula. 

I love to see my families thrive and enjoying life again.