Baby Massage soothe settle and sleep

6 week course face to face
£ 65
  • Learn how to do a full body massage with your baby
  • Relax your baby from wind, constipation, pain and colic
  • learn reflexology for teething, digestion and sleep
  • Bonus yoga session with songs, fun and sensory stimulation
  • sleep week to start you off on the right foot with good routines and associations
  • well-being package for each family
  • Sample of Neals yard baby massage oil
  • access to video course content for 2 months
  • refreshments and chocolate
books fast

Newborn Fourth trimester support

£ 100
  • 1-1 tailored support
  • 2 hours zoom support
  • video access to early days massage and yoga techniques
  • colic and reflux support PDF and video demonstrations
  • well-being package delivered to your door
  • Attachment and bonding support using the 1001 days frame work

Baby yoga stretch relax and sensory play

8 weeks +
£ 58
  • gentle stretches forthe postnatal period
  • gentle massage for baby
  • fun yoga stretch sequence for baby
  • sensory play
  • sensory play bag on your first booking
  • relaxation and breath work for mum and baby
  • flexibility to miss up to 2 sessions without penalisation

Toddler Yoga Developmental Play and sensory sessions

walking to pre school
£ 48
per 6 sessions
  • 15 mins mum yoga and stretching
  • Toddler welcome and yoga theme
  • developmental play gym occupational therapy approved
  • sensory and fine motor play
  • refreshments
  • social time for chatting
  • relaxation and class close
  • flexibility to miss 2 sessions during the half term