East Cheshire sleep Consultant

Face to face sleep consultations

Guiding you to a happy and rested family

East cheshire sleep consultations serve tired families with a face to face visit. Booking a face to face consultation gives you that personal touch. 

Katie, an expert sleep coach, will visit your home and chat through your concerns. She will then come up with a workable plan of action. 

This will always be bespoke to you, your needs and a plan that is sustainable. 

Headshot of Katie Raybould Cheshire Baby Sleep Coaching specialist

What your sleep consultation covers

Your East Cheshire sleep consultant can cover any topic you you might need support with including How to organise daytime naps to avoid under/over tiredness

  • Helping calm down the bedtime routine to make bedtimes easier and quicker
  • Advice on when to drop naps and how to drop a nap
  • How to change sleep associations like feeding/rocking to sleep
  • Reclaiming your own sleep space
  • Night weaning
  • Eliminate those early wake up times
  • Optimise sleep to reduce overnight waking.

Tailormade Just For You

How can a sleep consultant help

You are tired, most likely sleep deprived. Emotional and disconnected.

Do you dread the days because the nights have been challenging? Do you feel short tempered?

All these are normal symptoms of sleep deprivation.

There is usually a simple explanation to why you child is restless and not sleeping. The solution. May depend on a few factors. This will be my job as your sleep consultant to figure out.

You are tired, so leave the brain work to me!

A passionate East Cheshire sleep consultant

I love figuring out the trigger to your child’s poor sleep, and providing you with the tools to work on those elements. The result of this is what I enjoy most of all, and that is seeing parents feel calm, confident and happy in their parenting.  This is down to their deeper understanding of their child, their needs, and the needs of themselves. For a family to really stay connected they each have to have their needs met. 


Siblings laying together

East cheshire sleep consultant area

I travel from Macclesfield, Cheshire and cover a radius of 10 miles to attend in home sleep consultations. Areas include Wilmslow cheshire, Alderley edge, Knutsford Cheshire, Bramhall Cheshire, Poynton Cheshire and Stockport.

Should you live just outside of 10 miles I can calculate your mileage onto the package costs at a rate of 45 pence per mile, according to the government recommendation.