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Baby and Child Sleep Consultations

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Solving sleep challenges with the baby and you No tears just love method ™️

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When you experience frequent night wakings and feel like you are at a point of breaking, It can seem like it is affecting your life, how you parent and your personal relationships.

Sleep deprivation is torture. When you have that brain fog, you just cant seem to focus and and think straight. With low energy comes low mood and your wellbeing suffers. 

I’m Katie, I provide baby and child sleep consultations. Coaching families on gentle sleep methods that promote families wellbeing holistically. 

You don’t need to leave your baby to cry to promote their sleep.

Bespoke support throughout your baby and child sleep consultation

Individual baby and child sleep consultations with an accredited sleep coach  Is a great way to receive  the One-On-One support you need as you navigate any Sleep Training.

 Having me on hand to answer any Pressing questions and assist you through any challenges. I promise to have your back and become your village. 

Newborn Sleep Shaping


A complete support package to ensure your new families sleep is protected and the environment is just right. 

With my support and guidance you can optimise sleep and learn your new babies unique ways so you can work together and become attuned to one another, feel relaxed and suppoted.

What’s Included:

In-Home baby and child sleep Consultations


For families within 10 miles of Macclesfield Cheshire. (Further afield considered with travel costs)Katie, a baby and child sleep consultant will  Visit you in your home. We can have a relaxed, friendly chat, and I can gain all the information needed to create a perfect plan of action. This is particularly ideal for older babies and toddlers as I can assess their unique personalities and traits. The visit will be up to 2 hours in length. 

A plan will be discussed and 5 follow up virtual chats plus text/email support during my office hours. 

What’s Included:

Remote baby and child sleep Consultations


For Families near and far who would prefer the Convenience of virtual assistance. Arrange the ideal time to suit, day or evening. 

The relaxed consultation will enable me to get to know your Family, your needs and personalities. I will Gain All The Information To Create A Perfect Plan Of Action.  

A Plan Will Be Discussed And 5 Follow Up Virtual Chats to see progress and make any changes.

 Plus Text/Email Support During My Office Hours. 

What’s Included:

Baby and child sleep consultations Overnight Support

From £450

An overnight sleep consultation to support you in your own home. 

Choose respite support from a baby and child sleep consultant

 1-3 night packages. 

Use my insight and guidance as you negotiate the night times. We can do it together. 

Sometimes all you need is an extra eye, on hand to asses the situation. 

Full consultation package included with 5 weekly follow up calls to track your progress


What’s Included:

One-Off Baby and child sleep Consultations

Need a quick answer to a specific issue. Drop me an email and for a small charge I will send you a couple of solutions to try a long with a detailed explanation of what I believe the issue to be. 

Try to be as detailed as possible within your email to me, include details such as age, any medical conditions and diet. 

Rather speak with me. 

Book me for an hour long video call and we will go through everything together. 

I will provide you with workable strategies and follow up with digital information within a client portal. 

Not Sure Which Package Is Right For You?

Feel free to contact me and I will help you pick the best solution for your family’s needs.
Rosie Eames
Rosie Eames
Google review
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A huge THANK YOU for all your help Katie… We came to you when our 3 year old was having awful meltdowns at bedtime and can safely say they are now a thing of the past. Also, I no longer dread bedtime which is a HUGE win! It’s been so nice to have help without judgement from someone ‘in the know’ as opposed to well meaning friends and family. Thanks so much for all the tips, ideas and expertise, we couldn’t have come this far without you
Charlotte Percy
Charlotte Percy
Facebook review
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We used Katie for sleep advice when our little one was 6 months and haven’t looked back. Katie was so flexible and took the time to really get to know our daughter and then prescribed a personal plan for us to follow. It really helped having my husband involved so that we both understood the tips and techniques to help. Katie offered ongoing support and has been a pleasure to work with. Our daughter is now 13 months and has continued to sleep through 11/12 hours a night following our sleep course. I conducted a lot of research at the time on sleep consultants and found Katie to be the most reasonably priced and value for money, I have since recommended her to a number of friends
Annabelle Taylor
Annabelle Taylor
Instagram client
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Amazing! Katie was such a great help, very friendly and understanding with me when I was at a loss. I cannot recommend her enough. Her knowledge of not only sleep, but all aspects of infant to child development made her absolutely the right choice for us!