Newborn sleep consultant

baby, sleeping in a swaddle

For the prepared and responsive parent

A qualified and experienced sleep consultant is something all new parents  benefit from.

How will a Newborn sleep consultant help my baby to sleep?

This is certainly a question that will crop up often and you may be panicking or fairly relaxed;  however you are feeling, staying  informed and prepared will be your best Ally. 

Do you struggle to put your baby down? 

Do you feel nap trapped, touched out, struggle with all the well meaning advice?

This is where a newborn sleep consultant can benefit you and your family.


Choosing a Newborn sleep consultant

There Is so much Information out there, but how do you know which one Is right for you?
Pause for a moment to reflect on how you would like to be parented If you could have your time again. Did your parents get It right, or was there something missing? 
I bet It felt the most right when you received love and understanding, even when you were challenging! 
As a Newborn Sleep consultant my promise is to support you to find your way, empower you with the knowledge you need to survive the early weeks.

The Newborn sleep consultation process

New parents with their newborn

Being A New Parent Conjures Up All Kind Of Thoughts And Feelings, That Is Normal And We All Go Through A Similar Process. 

Having A New Baby Is Challenging, Wonderful, Tiring, Amazing, Frustrating, And Magical All Rolled In To One.

So how does this relate to my newborn sleep help plans? 
Simply put, I help you to gently and positively shape your babies sleep. I will support you in utilising all the factors that promote positive sleep habits.
 My newborn sleep support will encourage you to be loving, nurturing and responsive. Using the 1001 days  as a foundation to my work with babies I have seen many happy clients with whom this resonates. 

I will not suggest any crying methods, this is not appropriate for very young babies “No tears just love’™️ Is my motto.

Shaping your babies sleep from the early days will support her during her developmental stages and the times wen sleep is more unsettled. 



Booking a newborn sleep consultation enhances knowledge and confidence in knowing what is normal sleep behaviour or what could be described as a sleep blip

Booking an appointment
Step 1

Give me a call or email

Newborn assessment
Step 2

I will pop out to visit you and provide you with a newborn assessment. This is gorgeous as it shows you just what your new baby is capable of and how they communicate with you. 

This also provides me with insight in to the methods your baby is likely to respond best to, and also the pace  most appropriate to move in. 

Confident mum after her newborn behaviour assesment
Step 3

Leave the session feeling like you know your baby better.  

Refreshed and empowered to move forward without anxiety or fear of the un-known. 

Message me any questions you may have forgotten to ask. 

Book your next follow up call with me!

Mother placing her hand on a baby

Safe sleep and the newborn


It is very important to follow the safe sleep guidelines with newborns.

Before a sleep consultations it is wise to familiarise your self with the elements and let me know if your baby may fall into any of the vulnerable categories. 

Useful resourses to follow are from BASIS and the lullaby trust. 
you can also find helpful information via the NHS and AAP 

I have also added a free online resource here and this contains all the main points to consider. 

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