newborn mother and baby nurture

Experience the joy of attachment and love

Newborn nurture  for the fourth trimester is THE class for all new parents or parents to be. 

It is a wonderfully empowering 4 week course that will support all new parents. We look at the benefits of touch to attachment. I will teach you how to lay the foundations of infant mental health during the first 1001 days. 
We will myth bust
Out with the old wives tales, In with love! 
Learn how to ease colicky babies, and why they may have colic symptoms.

Look out for baby cues, and how your baby communicates with you.

 The course refers back to ‘The first 1001 days’ This Is a campaign surrounding the importance of  emotional well-being in babies.
This vision is that every baby has loving and nurturing relationships within the family and society they are born. 

The first 1001 days are critical for a life time of emotional well-being and development.

This course is a gorgeous nurturing hour long session across 4 weeks and suitable right from birth, we will look at early massage, colic and reflux holds, how to begin tummy time from birth to support growth and development. 

New mum relaxation sessions plus positive affirmation cards. 

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sessions run once per half term with only up to 6 per class

1-1 nurture in the comfort of your own home

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