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Gently create the perfect sleep environment for your new baby

The next generation of sleep support is here!

A private membership via a facebook group

For a very low investment, you can feel well rested, confident in dealing with any sleep dramas and totally empowered!

I will work through all the major topics and subjects that can affect the way babies sleep, relax and rest. A weekly live from me, followed by detailed information through the week, with a round up of a live Q&A session. 

PLUS all materials will be online via my course platform

The most personalised group sleep help there is!

If you are struggling to navigate the world of sleep, you have found the right place! Welcome aboard. There is so much to learn when it comes to sleep and your newborn, and it can be confusing with all the conflicting advice out there. You can stop googling now, I’m here to help you! This group is low cost, tailored, informative, but most importantly of all GENTLE. We will navigate through everything that can affect sleep from behavioural, environmental, physical and developmental. I will give you gentle and supportive solutions. For just £75 you never need to worry about your child’s sleep.
Holistic sleep coach and baby wellness practitioner

Take the pressure off today

Sleep and your newborn

Private members group
£ 75 4xweeks vip group coaching
  • Group support from like minded peers
  • Comprehensive tailored themes
  • Colic support
  • Attachment support
  • Safe sleep guidelines
  • How to create the ideal sleeping environment
  • Free 30 min 1-1 call with me


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