Yoga Classes Relax Stretch Sensory play

Yoga inspired classes for mums and babies from 10 weeks to crawling

Toddler yoga developmental play sessions 18 months to 4 yrs 

Baby yoga stretch and relax

Mum & Baby Yoga is the perfect compliment to my baby massage course. 

You can continue with the many benefits of massage whilst adding further benefits of yoga which can also help you heal, strengthen and nurture yourself after the transformative process of childbirth, plus the challenges becoming a new mother.

 My small, friendly classes are also a lovely way to meet other new mums and babies.

Time for you

Why is this the course for you and your baby?
For you

Gentle postnatal stretching and breath work

Toning and strengthening for muscles, focusing on areas impacted by birth including your tummy, pelvic floor and back.

​A community of other new mums who are amazingly supportive and share similar values, plenty of time and space for you to chat.

Baby benefits

Baby yoga is an ongoing course, using multi sensory activities to support your growing baby. It’s gentle, physical, fun and relaxing for your baby.

 As well as these benefits yoga also gives baby – better sleep, improved digestion and circulation to name a few! 

There is always lots of lovely giggles during these sessions

Toddler yoga plus developmental play

Unique sessions developed by myself, incorporating all elements of  yoga inspired movements to story and rhyme. Developmental play (occupational health led play) based structure. 

Sensory play, sometimes messy, sometimes fine motor, mindful play. Always fun!! 

Relaxation with lights and bubbles


Friendly, warm and welcoming sessions