Remote sleep coaching

Mum supporting her baby

Remote sleep coaching is a service that can reach far and wide. When looking for expert sleep support, the best may not be close by so with my remote sleep coaching service I am able to provide you with my expertise via video support.

Individual coaching is a great way to get one-on-one support as you navigate through the process of sleep teaching/training, especially if there are many sleep challenges going on with your baby and you’re not sure where to start.  This process can be challenging, so my goal is always to provide you with as much individualised support and guidance as possible as we work towards better sleep for your entire family!

How can remote sleep coaching help you?

When you are struggling with your child’s sleep, tired and cannot think straight, you are probably exhausted from the “Helpful” suggestions by well meaning friends and family. 

Its time to look for expert, gentle and Non Judgemental Sleep Support.  

I am Here To Help. 

  • Organise babies naps
  • support with weaning
  • toddler behaviour modifications
  • frequent night wakings
  • early risers
  • Bedtime procrastinators
  • Weaning off tricky bedtime associations 
  • and more
Young boy sleeping peacefully in the morning

Remote sleep coaching aligns with your parenting style

You may be naturally curious about how remote sleep coaching can fit into your parenting style. 

We have our initial hour-an hour and a half chat where you have an opportunity to discuss methods you are comfortable approaching. 

Most families, if not all, I work with are keen to use gentle and responsive methods. There are so many methods we can use  and we can discuss and choose the right way forward for you and your family. 

There’s no need to stop feeding to sleep, no need to use cry to sleep methods, no need to eliminate parental support. 

What we can achieve together is fully optimised and age appropriate  sleep

Remote sleep coaching process

Happy mum with her baby

Book your remote sleep coach package

Booking your package is your first step to a happier, more relaxed and well rested family.
Feel better just knowing i have your back and you are no longer alone.
Fill in your family questionnaire with as much detail as possible
Book a time for the remote sleep coaching consultation
relax as we chat online and deep dive into what could be triggering the unsettled and challenging sleep
implement the changes we discussed
message me via WhatsApp with any questions or queries
we catch up weekly to make adjustments

Mum to Libby 9 months
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I contacted Katie for a remote sleep coaching package when my daughters sleep was so challenging, the lack of sleep was affecting how I wanted to parent. Katie was so friendly and reassuring every step of the way. She was so much more than just a sleep trainer. Katie has given me the confidence and tools to get through the challenges. My daughter is more settled as a result.
Mum to toddler
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I’m a single parent with little support, the help I do have kept telling me I was spoiling him and I needed to let him cry. I was so happy when I initially spoke to Katie and she explained everything to me. Her methods made so much sense and really aligned with how I wanted to parent. I booked a remote sleep coaching package and haven’t looked back. I spend more on a holiday, but never felt as rested as I do now!!

Remote sleep coaching

6 week package of support
£ 320
  • Family questionnaire
  • Full remote consultation lasting up to 90 minutes
  • WhatsApp text support
  • 4 follow up video support calls
  • Parent portal filled with personalised advice
  • Bespoke sleep plan
  • Tailored advice and support
Mum sitting with daughter
1 hour remote sleep coaching support £95
Quick email support £35
Small child laying in bed asleep
Face to face cheshire sleep consultation £375
0-6 months newborn sleep support £280