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Welcome to my page and blog. I’m here to support families in my role as a sleep consultant in cheshire. Baby & You with Katie is fully qualified and accredited in many areas of infant and child wellbeing. 

Having worked alongside families since 1994, after leaving college trained in the early years I spent many years learning, studying and experiencing the joy of working holistically with new families. After the birth of my son I found a new love for attachment and gentle parenting.

 I love being able to respond and nurture my son without guilt or fear, knowing that I am nurturing and supporting his ever developing brain and emotional well-being. 

I absolutely loved baby massage with Katie. This was my first class as a first time mum, and by far my favourite. Georgie suffered with silent reflux and colic, and this class helped her so much! I still massage her now (twelve months on) and I can’t wait to return when I have another baby! Thank you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable 🙂 xxx

Emma Coborne

Sleep Consultant And Infant wellness practitioner

I love to teach the most wonderful classes for new parents.

these courses are an ideal introduction to the world of baby classes.

You will find a friendly, relaxing and fun environment where you can meet up with other parents, make friends and begin your journey together. 

I am also a holistic sleep coach. Now what does that mean? Well I have a wealth of knowledge that supports the whole person, and the whole family unit. 

 here for you, to support you, to work with you! 

What it doesn’t mean is that I’m you’re everyday sleep trainer! 

I won’t give you a one method fits all approach. Being holistic means, that I will work with you on your individual unique needs; 

I will take into account personalities, ages and development, sensory needs and much more. 


Raising my son single handedly through all the challenges any parent can face and riding the up’s and downs daily I have almost certainly experienced most challenges of parenthood. I am non-judgemental and all inclusive and willing to offer any level of support.

Making A Difference

I love to nurture and support new families and I love to see you grow and thrive together. Nothing makes me happier than to see parents who have been finding things difficult turn a corner and start to see things get better.

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I will always offer a listening ear, once you choose me, I will become part of your journey into better family sleep.






I have many tricks up my sleeve to enable a more settled and calm bedtime routine. I can support all new mums signing up to my baby massage, yoga and newborn courses. You will always enter a relaxed and friendly setting

Why choose me

Choosing which sleep coach to work with be daunting. It is important to work with someone you connect with and who’s values speak to you. This is why I always recommend you picking up the phone for your free 15 minute chat.

I am here with an ear to listen, I will be non judgemental, and promise to support you, I will be honest and real, I can laugh about the ups and downs of parenting whilst taking your problems seriously and working with you to come up with a plan that works for your family.

Do You Want Help To improve your families Sleep?

We Can Do It Together

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