Supporting the newborn

Nurturing the newborn; your guide to support during the third to fourth trimester

Congratulations on your newborn baby!

I’ll bet one of your top questions is “How do you support a newborn baby” 

You may have been planning on how you are going to parent, or maybe you have no idea. 

Either way, I’m sure you’ll be looking for guidance on how to support a newborn baby.

 Life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you are going to get” 

This Couldn’t be more true when it comes to newborn babies.

I’m here to guide you on many aspects of your new parenting journey, from the transitional phase of 3rd to 4th trimester, newborn behaviours, colic and reflux support, baby Massage and sleep consultancy. 

Preparing for parenthood

3rd trimester baby support

The transitional stages of matrescence where a birthing woman goes through physical, emotional and hormonal changes requires calm, understanding and gentle self care. 

Preparing yourself for these changes is one amazing way to make sure this transition goes smoothly. 

Take 1-1 sessions with you and your partner to gently prepare yourselves both practically and emotionally. 

Therapeutic support mentally prepare you and the practical support will teach you what your brand new baby will need, and just what they are capable of. 

Ill tap into many of my trainings here to offer you everything you need. 

Newborn sleep environment

Newborn sleep,
Safety and How babies sleep.

How well a newborn sleeps can largely depend on you, how confident you feel, how much you know and prepare yourself for this exciting adventure. 

Newborns actually sleep a lot, however they sleep lightly and can be easily disturbed. These disturbances can be internal (hunger) or external environmental. They can also be more unsettled if we feel anxious or unsettled. 

Babies are both fascinating and amazing. Your baby is their own little person, they are not like any other baby. Your baby is unique, wonderful and perfect. 

When you have the environment right you can support your babies sleep in a healthy and safe way. 

Always follow official guidance on sleep safety via  BASIS  

and the lullaby trust 

For help preparing your babies sleep environment and newborn sleep shaping to set them up for the future,


Newborn observations and communications assessment

Your baby, right from birth will have their own unique language of communication.

  “A Babies Behaviour Is Their Language..And You Can Trust That Language” B Brazelton

for new parents it can be extremely difficult to crack the code on their baby. Frustrating, tiring, and heartbreaking. All you want to do is fix the tears, soothe and settle your baby so that they are calm and relaxed. 

You’ve bought the books, tried the techniques and they just don’t seem to fit.

In a two hour session I can asses your baby and come up with  a holistic package for you baby.

Mother cradling her baby

Soothe settle and sleep, 1-1, group or online classes

Baby massage is one of the oldest and most effective natural therapies for babies. 

Babies need touch just as much as they need food. 

Food allows them to survive, touch allows them to thrive. 

If your baby is struggling with colic and reflux; baby massage can help.

If your baby is overwhelmed with the world, baby massage can help.

If your baby needs relaxing; baby massage can help.

If you, as their new parent is struggling with your emotions; baby massage can help.

You can find out why I am so passionate about baby massage right here. Just click the button the suits where you are right now.